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Site last updated 12/8/18

Welcome to Wonyip Park

Wonyip Park. A beef cattle farm centrally located in the Murrindindi valley around 90 km North East of Melbourne

Premium Grass-fed Beef

Grass fed beef from the Murrindindi valley produced with care and planning. Talk to any old hand in the beef industry and you will learn that to grow beef, you must first learn to grow grass.

Beef cattle bred and grown using modern genetics

All our calves are bred from registered Angus bulls. Straight away, this takes care of 50% of the genetics. Our cows are a mix of around 80% pure Angus with the remaining 20% being Murray Greys. Angus beef being extremely marketable and the Murray Greys are proven cows providing excellent mothering and proven resilliance.

Sustainable Farming Techniques

At Wonyip Park, all our cattle are treated with the care they deserve. A true advantage of handling them daily and being amongst them is the animals become increasingly easier to manage. The benefits of providing a low stress environment is you end up with a better beef product on the plate.