About Us

Wonyip Park

Wonyip Park is a beef cattle farm located on 150 hectares in the picturesque Murrindindi Valley. Situated close to Yea Victoria. The region is renowned for producing high quality beef cattle from both stud and commercial operations. Wonyip Park itself consists mostly of open, gently undulating country with clusters of native trees to compliment bio diversity. The clean air and reliable rainfall provide year round lush pasture to ensure our cattle grow well in optimum conditions. Rotational grazing methods and a modern trough, irrigation and fencing system provide access for cattle to high quality water and feed from native and improved pastures. Supplementary feed comes from hay and silage cut from our own paddocks which is produced during the favorable Spring months ensuring absolute control of animal feed requirements. During adverse seasonal conditions we may utilise alternative feed sources in order to maintain animal growth and health. We also provide some suplementary minerals (licks). As a small local business, our farming practices are non-intensive ensuring a low stress environment for the breeding and fattening our beef cattle. We aim to produce premium quality beef in an ethical, sustainable, cooperative manner. We work closely with industry and veterinary experts to produce optimum results. We are NLIS, MSA and LPA registered.

Wonyip Park Facts

  • Size: 150 hactares (aprox 370 acres)
  • Stocking: Aprox 100 breeding cows/hiefers
  • Number of paddocks: 22 main paddocks
  • Water: 10 dams/17 pump fed troughs.
  • Annual Rainfall: Around 650mm
  • Height above sea level: 210m